Select the Right Soil and Plants

By this point, you have selected a theme, know what scale you want to work with, and have also chosen the container to use! The next step in making your fairy garden is to select the right soil and plants. This should be done before adding your fairies and other accessories as it is going to take up the most space. Once everything is planted, you know how much room is left for your accessories.

Choose soil with organic matter

Since you want the fairy garden to appear as natural as possible, the soil isn’t just going to be any generic plant soil. You should choose one that has a lot of organic matter, since it will look more like what you imagine a real fairy oasis to include.

Instead of just a uniform color of soil, it should have dark and light parts with plenty of bits of plants and other organic matter. This will not only look natural in the fairy garden, but it will keep your plants nice and healthy.

Include real plants and trees

With a fairy garden, you don’t want to use fake foliage, otherwise it isn’t much of a garden! Use real plants and trees, all in mini versions. If you want to keep the fairy garden indoors or in a covered patio or sunroom, some good plants are:

For outdoor fairy gardens, the following plants and foliage are ideal for the fairy garden:

In the end, you can choose any types of plants you want, as long as they are easy to care for and they are small enough to fit in your chosen container. Make sure you select the right soil and plants.