Frozen cartoon miniature garden fairy ornament 6 different designs for you! Also a great gift to your family, your friends, your colleagues, your leaders. *Very good Workmanship, lovely shape! Expression lifelike, a set beautiful flower fairy *6...

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Specification: Size:10cm /3.93 inches Suitable for 1:12 scale dollhouse Exquisite collection for doll, a super addition to any traditional dolls house Please NOTE: Please keep it away from children too young If the wings can not insert it ,you can...

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BESTIM INCUK Miniature Fairy Garden Emulation Lawn Home Decoration Outdoor DecorMaterial:Resin;Package content:1 lawn,(other accessories are not...

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Made from UV stabilised...

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Feature: Size:10cm(3.93") Cute,Unique,Attractive,Beautiful Suitable for 1:12 scale dollhouse A Great decoration For your Cute Dollhouse Exquisite collection for dolls, a super addition to any traditional dolls house Can be used for home...

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BESTIM INCUK Miniature Fairy Garden Stone House Statue Home Decoration Outdoor DecorMaterial:Resin;Package content:1 stone house,style is random (other accessories are not...

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From AmbienceOutdoors these Firepits are 10.0kg in weight.80cm diameter and 34cm high. They make a great addition to any outdoor space.Easy to move and use yet stylish and contemporary.Bringing,warmth and ambience to your outdoor space.Light enough...

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Torch the rainbow Once upon a time - Well before all this technology was invented when one would end every day by gazing into a campfire. It was when our primitive selves would do our best thinking. You could really ponder stuff properly when you...

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Perfect for parties, outdoor entertainment, cooking or simply enjoying Made from an easy to assemble steel construction Ash collecting tray / Mesh safety lid 45 x 45 x 34 cm Outdoor use only Easy to...

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Description: ● This pit is great for providing light and warmth to your poolside, yard, or patio. ● It features elegant matte steel, making it a perfect background for any backyard. ● Square design and faux-design black coated finish fire...

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Multi-functional round metal fire pit, perfect to use as a BBQ when entertaining friends or to keep warm and cozy when enjoying an evening in your garden. You can also fill the pit bowl with ice, perfect for chilling your drinks in summer! Ideal for...

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All in one pond pump, filter 5wt UV light, fountain and LED lightComplete in-pond solution including pump, 3 fountain options, UV clarifier and automatic LED...

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160 cm (L) x 104 cm (W) x 51 cm...

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Your Axicon Rainbow Windows SuncatcherTM state-of-the-art Holographic Prism starts with laser technology and ends with pure spectral color. Hanging from a window in DIRECT SUNLIGHT, your Rainbow Window will transform the sunlight light into an...

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Colourful and bright, this sun catcher will give any room the warm glow of golden...

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This large and stunning faceted crystal sphere (40mm height x 40mm width), will brighten up any room when hung in a sunny window. It will attract the energy from the Sun and transform it into beautiful rainbows, right around your room! Comes...

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