Choose Your Type of Container

Now that you have started with the first few important steps, you can further plan your fairy garden. Once you know the theme and scale, it is a lot easier to choose your type of container. This is going to be the basis for your entire fairy garden, so it is an essential decision to make. It will determine the type of fairy garden you have, how much space there is for accessories and plants, and where would be a good location to have it in your garden. Some good containers to choose from include pots, bird baths, tree stumps, and right in the ground. Here is more information about each of these types of containers.


One of the best types of containers to use for fairy gardens are pots. You can go with just about any size, shape, or material or pot you like. You can get a more authentic look by choosing an old clay pot, since it really adds a look of history to the fairy garden. However, if you don’t have an old one, you can visit a local garden store or search online for a pot of your choice.

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Pots are good because it gives you as much space as you need for the fairy garden, but also provides holes at the bottom for proper drainage. Try to choose a clay pot since they tend to last a long time and can handle a lot of weather elements. These are very durable, so you can fill them with soil and plants of your choice without causing too much weight or stress on the pots.

Bird baths

If you want to get a little more creative with your fairy garden, you can go with a bird bath for the garden. This is an ideal choice if you want to put the garden out in the middle of your yard as if in a natural landscape, instead of placing it on your patio or balcony. It will already be standing up, so you don’t need to worry about placing it on a table or tree stump.

Bird baths are usually strong enough to handle as much as you need for the soil, plants, and figurines. It also adds a more unique look for your new fairy garden. Consider a decorative bird bath that might show the signs of aging as it will often be more affordable for you. This will help to choose your type of container.


Tree stumps

Do you have a tree stump in your backyard that you’re not sure what to do with? Why not turn it into a fairy garden! This is a great way to make use of a tree stump after cutting down a tree. It will be extra durable since it is still in the ground, and prevents you from having to worry about stump grinding or another way to remove the stump.

You will need to dig a hole in the center of the stump so you can make room for the different plants and accessories you want to include. Another excellent benefit is that tree stumps tend to be large in diameter, which gives you a lot of space to let the creative juices start flowing.


Near trees

If you want the fairy garden to actually be in the ground, you can definitely make this happen! Instead of a container, you are actually planting it close to a garden or tree. You will use a small area of land where you want to add the figurines, accessories, plants, and flowers.

You can also use a shallow container for the area, but not actually have it on the ground where pests can find it. Take care to choose your type of container.