Package Include: 1 X Fairy Mushroom 1 X Rainbow 1 X Signpost with Bear 8 X ladybug 1 X Stone with Dragonfly 2 X Sheep 2 X Rabbit 2 X Chicken 2 X Elephant 1 X Basket 2 X Sea Turtle 1 X Blue Crushed Glass 2 X Duck 5 X Red Mushroom 1 X Chair 2 X...

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Fairy Garden Oranment Style: Fairies Orange Size: 4.4cm L x 5.5cm H x 5cm W Purple Size: 4cm L x 6cm H x 5cm W Yellow Size: 3.5cm L x 6cm H x 4.8cm W Blue Size: 4.3cm L x 5.7cm H x 4cm W Pretty little fairies for a children's fairy garden and...

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Wood Fairy Garden Table Set - Fiddlehead Fairy Garden Collection Encourage fairies, elves pixies, hobgoblins or hobbits into the bottom of your garden with a tiny tree-trunk picnic set for them to sit on Made from weather resistant resin suitable...

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Grow your own enchanted fairy garden. This charming terrarium contains magical plants for fairies and those who believe in them!Garden contains four color seed packets: red and blue lobelia, clover, evening star and thyme; plus a bag of fairy...

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Solar powered Fairy Log House This great garden feature can be installed outdoors or used to create a mystical encounter in your own home. By day the fairy house is a magical addition to your garden. Once dusk settles in, it is transformed into a...

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Description: BESTOMZ 58 Pieces Miniature Ornaments Kit are well made and really cute to make a adorable fairy garden, which can give you and your kids most funny to decorate your own fairy garden. It will be a perfect gift for your kids. Product...

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Fairy gardens are arranged with the kinds of miniature plants and accessories that might tempt a...

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Package Included: 1 * Happiness Roadsign (6.5cm) 1 * Love House (3.5*3.5*4cm) 1 * Stone Bridge (5*1.8*2.4cm, grey or brown color random) 1 * Mushroom (2.5cm) 2 * Ducks (1.4cm) 2 * Hedgehogs (Mom & Baby 1-2cm)Material Type:...

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Create a magical home for Blossom the fairy in a beautiful flowerpot. Follow the 8 page activity guide to construct the perfect living environment for her. Get closer to nature and see how your Flowerpot flourishes into a wonderful creation (using...

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Package included: 1 * Mushroom (0.5") 1 * Road Sign (2") 1 * Love Sign (0.2" * 0.8") 1 * Postbox (0.6" * 1.4") 1 * Fence (1") 1 * Birdnest (0.8") 2 * Books (0.5" * 0.4") 2 * Hamsters (0.7" * 0.8") 2 * Hedgehogs (0.4" - 0.8") 2 * Streetlights (2.1")...

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Approx 10 cm x 7 cm You are buying both the left hand and right hand doors. Both doors are brown.Brown Fairy Doors with 1 blue and 1 apricot...

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Lily is the Summer Fairy. She loves flowers and nature and greeting the sun on a bright summer's morning. 'Lilypad Gardens' is the perfect address for Lily and her froggy friend to live. This enchanting flowerpot house has its own moat and...

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House Size(the colorwill be sent at random):4.0*3.3cm Postbox Size:3.5X1.5cm Ladybugs Size:L x H:1*0.8cm/0.39*0.31" Tree Trump Size:5.5 x 4.1 cm Benches Size:1.5*2cm Street Lights Height:5.5cm Stair Size:1.3 x 3.2 cm Dog Size:HxL: 2x3cm; Dog House:...

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Create a magical fairy oasis with the Fairy Garden kit. Follow the 12-page activity guide to learn how to construct your enchanted miniature cottage and beautiful living garden. This kit contains everything you need to make your fairy feel at home,...

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