BESTOMZ 58 pcs Miniature Fairy Garden Ornament Dollhouse DIY Kit Décor

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BESTOMZ 58 Pieces Miniature Ornaments Kit are well made and really cute to make a adorable fairy garden,
which can give you and your kids most funny to decorate your own fairy garden. It will be a perfect gift for your kids.

Product size and color:
Hedgehog: 2cm; Black (Mom & Baby)
Sheep :1.8cm; White
Ladybug:1.8cm; Red ,green ,blue ,purple,pink
Rabbit :1.8cm; White
Hamster:1.8cm; Brown
Butterfly:1.8cm; Red,yellow,pink,blue,orange
Swan :2.5inch; White
Chair:1-2.5cm; White(1 large*1 small)
Mushrooms:1-10 cm; Red, yellow, green,rose
Fences and Signpost: 3.5 – 10cm; White Coffee
Street lights: 1.8 x 6cm; Blue, yellow
All house or castle: 1.5 – 2.2 cm; White and blue
All fences signpost: 3.5 – 10 cm; Brown and white
Street lights: 1.8cm x 6cm; Blue, yellow
Bridge:5cm x 2cm; Brown
Mail box:1.3cm x 3.5cm; Red
Resin flower: 0.8-2.0cm; (2*2cm, 2*1.1cm, 6*0.8cm) White, red, purse, blue, green, light yellow

Package Includes:
2 x Hedgehog (Mom & Baby)
2 x Sheep
9 x Ladybug (Random Color)
2 x Rabbit
2 × Hamster
8 × Butterfly (Random Color)
2 × Swan
2 x Chair (Large& Small)
10 x Mushroom (Random Color)
2 x Street light
1 x Windmill house
2 x White bendable fence
1 x Brown stone bridge
1 x Red mail box
1 x White signpost
1 x Stone stairs
10 x Resin flower
1 x 5cm Glue stick
65 x Transparent fixed pin

They look smaller than the picture shows, please figure their size before your purchasing.58 Pcs ornament kit is very fun for older children and is great for their imaginations to create funny fairy garden, suitable for DIY decoration of mini garden views.